Funding Innovation in a Learning Health Care System

April 09, 2018
Throughout the United States, health systems are attempting to change decades of operational systems designed to deliver health care as a reimbursable service into systems that deliver health as a population goal. Alongside those transformative activities are quality improvement efforts, such as...

HSR selects Andrew Bindman as new Co-Editor-in-Chief

March 13, 2018
The Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET), the not-for-profit research and educational affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA), today announced new editorial leadership for its flagship journal, Health Services Research, adding a new Co-Editor-in-Chief and expanded team of...

How neighborhoods shape life with diabetes

March 01, 2018
Dr. Rita Hamad, MD, faculty member at IHPS and assistant professor at UCSF, comments on a study of individuals with pre-existing disease or are at risk by living in poorer communities. These communities with lower employment, income and education have scant resources to support exercise and healthy...

How much will that hospital procedure cost you? Depends where you go

February 22, 2018
How much will a knee replacement cost you? The unsatisfying answer is that it depends on where you go. In Minnesota, some patients were charged $6,186 for a knee replacement, while the same procedure cost others nearly eight times more — or $46,974. A report from the Minnesota Department of Health...

California Improvement Network Announces New Partner Organizations

February 13, 2018
California Improvement Network Announces New Partner Organizations Seventeen health care organizations including provider groups and coalitions, health plans, and quality improvement organizations, have been selected as partners for CIN. Collectively, these organizations serve or support more than...